1- When do I get my Bundle after I make the payment?

You get instant access straight to the bundle after you make the payment, and you get your Reseller license to start profiting from it them instantly if you buy the reseller license.

2- How can I read my eBooks I purchase from Books-Bundle.com?

You can access and read from any device including Phone, Tablet, PC, MAC or any device that reads PDF and Docs documents.

3- How long will I be allowed to access without re-buying the product?

For this current deal you have lifetime access to the entire bundle with a single one off payment, but this deal won’t stay for long as it is guaranteed for today only and we will revert back to a monthly subscription of $97 per month for Personal plan and $197 per month for Reseller plan and $397 per month for White Label plan.

4- Will I receive future product updates?

You will receive all future product updates. We add 100s of new eBooks per week to your library.

5- What are your accepted methods of payment?

We accept all credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Also we have independent distributors if you’d like to pay through a transfer via Western Union for all countries worldwide that accept Western Union, or via local bank/post transfer for some available country.

6- In what language are the eBooks?

All eBooks are in English and if you buy reseller license you can translate them to whatever language you prefer.

7- In what format are the eBooks?

Mostly PDF and the rest are in Docs format and you can access them from phone, tablet, PC, Kindle, Kobo or any device that supports PDF.

8- Will I have support after I purchase the bundle?

Of course! We are just a message away via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Email. All you have to do is access our contact us page at books-bundle.com/contact-us and send us a message via your favourite communication platform.

9- Do I have to pay monthly to keep the bundle?

For this deal you pay once and you enjoy the books for a lifetime! But this is a limited time deal, guaranteed to today only and will revert back to a monthly payment of $97/month or $197/month or $397/month depending on which plan you choose.

10- What is the difference between Personal and Reseller plans?

With Personal plan, you own this library of books for your own personal use only, you can download and read them, and with the Reseller plan, you are certified to resell the books individually or in bundles in any platform worldwide. You have complete rights to sell and use commercially for lifetime and keep 100% of profits.

11- What is the difference between Personal, Reseller and White Label plans?

Personal allows you to use all books in the bundle for your own personal use only, i.e. Read and download them.

Reseller allows you to have Personal License plus it allows you to sell any book in the bundle to other people. Sell either individual books or in bundles for any price you choose and keep 100% of profits.

Usually people sell our books for 1.99 to 5.99$ for individual books and 197$ to 297$ as bundled deals but you can choose any pricing that suits you better.

White Label allows you to have Personal and Reseller licenses plus it allows you to sell the Reseller plan. In other words, with White Label you are certified to give other people the right to sell the bundle for profit.

Personal >>> Use the books bundle

Reseller >>> Sell the books bundle

White Label >>> Sell the right to other people to Sell the books Bundle

12- If I buy the Reseller license, do I have to have a website to sell?

No, you can sell on any platform including Amazon, Etsy, Payhip, Shopify, eBay, Marketplaces, your own website, your own App, direct email, transfer to your clients or any other platform, or print and sell them in physical copies.

Also, you can sell the eBooks individually or in bundles for any price you choose and keep 100% of profits.

13- How can I know the price in my own currency?

Please use any currency converter like xe.com to find how much the price is in any currency.

14- How long do I have to access my bundle?

How about lifetime? Yes you have lifetime access to the bundle and all future updates, you pay once and you access the books lifetime or you sell the books and keep 100% profits lifetime if you buy a reseller license. No further payments required. But this deal is guaranteed to today only.

15- Can I edit the books content or cover?

With the Reseller License or White Label license yes, you can edit, amend, translate, change cover and design, print on demand, or even audio record audiobooks and publish under your own name, unless it is stated in the eBook not to do so, as in some instances some eBooks in our bundle prohibit modification, meaning you can only use as they are, read and download. And for other eBooks you are permitted to do whatever you want with the eBooks.

All articles are PLR and you can do whatever you want with them all.

With Personal License you can read any of the 300000+ books as they are and download them for your reference and personal use.

16- Can the books be downloaded and saved?

Yes, you can download and save any books and any file and keep them for life.

17- Can I sell in my country?

Yes, you can sell worldwide.

18- I know nothing about selling or how to profit from this bundle, how would you help?

We offer a comprehensive Masterclass guide to success in selling eBooks, digital products and PLR items.

This guide contains eBooks, checklists, video & audio courses to provide you with all the tools you need to make your business a success.

 Also, you can always search the thousands of eBooks at your disposal in the bundle to further expand any area of your business knowledge and expertise, should you want to.

19- Can I get a refund after I purchase one of the plans?

Due to the digital and immediate accessible nature of these plans and products, we do not offer refunds.

20- Can I have a sample of this bundle?

Yes, all you have to do is visit books-bundle.com, sign up on the form to receive a sample of eBooks and we will send it to your supplied email immediately.